Historic Preservation Commission
April 22, 2021

I am the honorary Dr Mark Cranford Metaphysician, conceptual artist + excellent environmentalist Seer.
I came here today to continue to advance the recognition of visual art history in the River District and the theory of visual art history generation from Loren Munk.
In Facebook April 4, 2021 Loren Munk affirmed my art historic writing for the first time and I have followed him since 2009.
My following comments are absolutely stunning : The Function of art was set by Fluxus and for producing tensions for civil war and population reduction by unpreparedness for flu pandemic.
Our government commissioned Fluxus back in the 1950s and which has operated as our academic and civil culture direction and governance since 1979.
Fluxus reopened the Enlightenment 1 16 2020 at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery and for a chance of refuting Foucault and Walter Benjamin and to establish civil rights for visual art, artists and art history based on art history. This is why there is only one academic art gallery and only one academic art director for an individual artist.
The Director recently revealed it was John Cage who was the mastermind of Fluxus. Academia is not free to illuminate the reopened Enlightenment but the chance is there none the less.
I pioneered submitting new form in visual art history painting through my City government under their grant sponsored by the Rauschenberg Foundation. So the establishment of new civil rights for visual art, artists and art history and new civil rights for Equal Access / Computer Equality , Computer handicap recognition and Icon will play out here in Fort Myers, Florida.
A table of elements exists and is and has been the utility of art metaphysical academia – a secret branch of academia since Leonardo da Vinci. Fluxus is the current face of this unknown academia and they now want to illuminate intelligence and directly to the citizen and for democracy.
New conceptual arts and for democracy and new civil rights are ready and poised here in my tiny City and as American Revolutionary counter revolution to a conceptual cultural Marxism / Communism and which is academic freedom. This is what Fluxus / academic freedom is in our institutions and governance.
ANTIFA / academic and civil culture direction and governance was pioneered here in Lee County, Florida and because Rauschenberg lived here and we are geographically isolated.
The new form in visual art history painting is here and whether or not it gets published will determine the future of visual art.
We are and are at the tipping point and as Mira Schor has pointed out.