Crambolt Regulus

Crambolt Regulus was the name given to his shadow

In the shadow was a great sea.

And in the shadow of the sea was See the object that is Crambolt Regulus .

Crambolt Regulus can turn inside out and is the basis of sight and the regulation of vision

Turmulus Pan Bread regulated Crambolt Regulus and since recorded time.

It was always so and without question .

It is the arrangement of the talented to the non talented but arranged by the elites of Turmulus.

This is the regulation cast by Turmulus and is the light of Turmulus .

Our shadow time is the time of regulation

It was decided that humanity would be notched and for the imposition of the regulation .

Society would drive itself in a circle as if moving in a four wheeled vehicle but with only three wheels .

The time of the shadow is a circle ⭕️ the regulation is the non recognition of See’s historic sea

As it was so we are notched and to be equally dumb and therefore equal .

The shadow time is the time of equality