That’s what you said. And we’ve had

it with you before it even goes

any further than that.

That plan includes an implementation plan and

we present that to the county

in the spring and we hope that all

the county commissioners sign off on it.

Because then bubbled up. That’s

the process. OK so the exercise

is about ten of six think I’d like

to spend like 10 15 minutes …(Skip that part)

on one question. We used this

last night and we found that we were

hearing a lot of the same things as

far as like people’s favorite places.

So we know that we know the top hits.

We know the Broadway hits of Collier County.

In your opinion I’d love to

hear what you feel makes it unique

and what are some of those hidden gems

around the county that are arts and

culture related that we may not have

heard of.

I’d love for everyone in this room

to say at least one thing.

Who wants to start.

Obviously (unintelligible)

That is a huge thing. Yes it is. And I think

what makes us special culturally, I’m sure you’ve

heard so many areas that are popping up.

The Design District.

Bayshore district, definitely. OK. That seem

to be taking us back to where

we used to be. What do you mean by that back

to where we used to be? 10 years ago, COLLIER COUNTY,

Naples specifically has changed considerably. OK.

Probably the past five years. OK.

And I think different factors have

moved into the area. And it’s just changed

the vision. It’s not the same kind of friendly

Midwest urban culture. It’s going back

to being more friendlier? Is it a good thing?. Yes.

Because I think some of these areas

are making it the more comfortable place

it used to be where you don’t feel you have

to get dressed up every time you

go as you you go and meet friends after

work or you know if your shorts

on a Saturday or whatever. So I’ve

certainly noticed that in the past year. OK.

Would anyone like to add to that.

I sense that around 10 to 12 years

ago there was a big push on Bay Shore

arts district when it was designated

as an arts district. But nothing really

was happening. Just very slow and I

know it takes time to do all that stuff.

Obviously the botanical garden became

an anchor. We always knew that

would be a celebration part. It’s very

much like what she’s just talked

about but there was always a plan.

There had been a plan 10 years ago to

really have much more of an

arts district with performing arts as well

as visual arts

stores that sold everything from ballet

shoes to to arts kinds of materials

and you know I think because of Rebecca Maddux

we’re getting someplace but it’s

just been there has been a slow slog.

Yes. But do you feel there’s some momentum

in that direction and that direction

is positive in your opinion.

Because I actually my company is working

with manager (unintelligible)

Incorporated a free aspect of membership

aspect of the visual arts district.

I think the momentum is much better.

I think you’re seeing more art certainly

the growth of the murals has been a huge big plus.

It would be nice if the county

would actually loosen that up a little bit, and let us

actually do something that made it

A destination. As far as the comes involved?

it could be a place like that.

OK so I love the murals and I live in,

northern, I lived up in Mediterra

Until three years ago and never

ever came down to botanical gardens.

And what a great hidden gem for me. Yeah, And these are

hidden gems that you think maybe

we haven’t heard of.

Okay I can tell you we’ve heard of the

botanical garden, we’ve heard of the zoo.

We’ve heard of Robert’s ranch we’ve heard

of Artists Naples we’ve heard of

Gulf Shore Players

The celebration of Art. Celebration Art.

Opera Naples opera Naples. Mark?

Cambier Park and Naples Art association

as an identity proponent of Naples

Naples Art Association (unintelligible)

Because I volunteer’d there.

Yes. And I saw you last night and there’s

one of these going on there right

now. Correct. Yeah. When you talk about hidden

gems, ones that potential hidden gems

OK, potential hidden gems. And that little gem is that

land that’s on Bayshore that could contain an art center

Performing visual, and the opportunity for that to benefit (unintelligible)

synergy that could exist there.

for fusing laws over the lake for communication

trollies for botanical garden and an arts center and 360.

So this isn’t a dream gem. This is also something

that’snbeen talked about and been surveyed

for 10 to 12 years. You know where

bicycle paths are making it a pedestrian

walkway and lots of restaurants and

much of what she was talking about.

There have always been plans for galleries.

So I’m going to call this one

not a hidden potential gem because we definitely

have heard this.Its not hidden it’s not

there. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a desire.

It’s a desire. I think so. Some of

the things that I’m talking about may not

even be art with a capital “A”.

So for instance we learned that there

is this amazing like producers group

of artisans and food makers

out in Immokalee working at the

culinary accelerator, and we consider culinary

arts part of the arts community.

We didn’t know that and we

were blown away when we got there.

I would consider that to be a hidden gem.

Also the areas of … Shirley?

Shirley Street, the arts district. Ok? Hidden gem?

I suspect there’s also … I hope there is,

Used to hear about it (unintelligible)

There used to be a lot of film makers that we’re

interested in the facility and they did they developed

film and there is a community here. I know

virtually nothing about it but they

are looking for facility share to really develop

film and to do, you know, real productions. OK.

OK. Any other gems before we move on to the next? YEAH?

I have a hidden gem. Can I speak to that?

You Can.

That’s why I came here tonight

I’m from Lee County but I’m working

under a grant from the Southwest Florida

community foundation from Sarah Owen and the

City of Fort Myers and the

City of Fort Myers asked me if

I could establish civil rights for visual

art artists and art history based on

art history and that’s based on the

fact I invented ways to recycle the

artist paint material and as painting.

So these programs have not been initiated

yet but they’re before the government

in the city of Fort

Myers and I’m bringing them here.

So that’s on the horizon. Yes potential.

Yeah it’s happening now. I represent

the Rauschenberg conceptual legacy.

Jay Dellinger the director of the Rauschenberg

gallery made me a part of

the Rauschenberg conceptual legacy in July. This

past March he made me environmentalist

and I had to assert my

grant as an American Revolutionary. Because academia

and the civil culture centered aren’t

allowed to recognize new art history

in painting.

If so I’m asserting myself as

a citizen but as an American Revolutionary

With plans to establish sustainability

and recycling and social practice

for painting but also civil rights

for art, artists and art history based on art history.

Great, so its a progressive program that also,

I don’t know what the right word is…

Also the recognition of new classifications of artists

such as metaphysician, Oculus, which is the

philosophy of the elements of visual perception.

Genius… So expanding the nomenclature. Yes.

All these things have been oppressed

by the government and academia

since 1979. I have a unique education.

I was educated by the academic warlock

Bill Nolan, a photographic memory at the Atlanta College of Art.


a test for artificial intelligence

that’s happening here in this area.

That’s blowing my mind a little bit so I might need.

I’m here. OK.

I was just going to mention that Collier County (unintelligible)

But that’s, yeah. But Collier County Museum.

People aren’t really aware of it.

Maybe because of where it’s located

which is why this complex

but it’s very useful and I suspect

it’s probably not hidden but the Rose Museum

and the Holocaust museum.

I think are very strong cultural. Strong

And maybe not on the top everybody’s radar?

That’s kind of what I mean by hidden.

The other thing that makes Collier County

unique is a lack of science education.

There’s no science museum, no science and technology

and with all the focus on STEM

Science Technology Engineering and Math is a

huge gap. It’s hands on learning.

Yeah they got enough. I mean all these little cities

Tallahassee and (unintelligible) have it

We don’t have anything geared towards that.

I think we’re I think we’re

unique in that.

That’s a good segway to the desired

state because that’s more of that gap.

Did you have something.

A hidden gem I feel like is greenway and freedom park.

Both kind of positioned in a high traffic area but

don’t have a necessarily, or don’t have

a Arts Association necessarily but

could become beautiful sculpture gardens or sculpture

parks or integrated into the arts or used for art purposes.

So that could be a cross platform way to integrate.

OK since I’m not covering

used as you say you will

not do anything about it.

There is no golden gate studio players.

That is something OK

You even don’t know.

Do you think you make that clear.

Tell me it’s not in Derry.

Government has not been more involved in developing things.

I mean I met up in Minneapolis

in Pittsburgh and lived in Maryland.

And government has spent money in

helping to develop things. If you take

a look at the science center you

take a look at some of these things.

The only one that they do is the history museum.

I’m not going to answer that with the

answer now but I’m going to say that

every kid every community is unique.

So you’re a big deal there. I’ll approach

it differently.

And they all have different mechanisms

and and different priorities and

different histories.

I think there’s a mindset down here

that is very different than this up

north in terms of government putting

money into it is.

I mean there are many many many county

governments we work with where arts

is a it’s a line item in the budget

there’s operating at the end of every

county that has TDC funding deals with

it a little bit differently.

So I’m not here to judge how it’s done

here I’m here to provide a platform

for decision making for them to move

forward if they want a strategic plan.

I guess we’ll put that on the platform.

OK you can put that on the platform. See

See we’re talking about the future.

If this plan is successful which it

will be what makes it successful. What is

success look like in a plan like this.

So you’re saying that I think public

private partnerships go a long way

in making something happen. I don’t think it

should just be one or the other.

I think a strong partnership makes

a really big difference.

Great I’d just like to see art

everywhere everywhere. Our ability to display art

is just so much potential that goes.

So what’s getting in the way of that

happening now. I that can’t come fast

and that’s the short answer. Yes a

very difficult to put signage up to

sign up for your studios to provide

for your. So the barrier to getting

things done is to find things that

need to and if they want to make these

things happen. Or maybe if there were

people who have a redesign.

Somebody with a legal background

to work with growth management.

Who does the company because they are

different from what they know has

stood in the way and a very

high level of a performing arts center which

was offered to be gifted by the county

seven years ago. It is can be decided

they wanted to make money off of that.

So they pulled back the offer in

the decision under the logic that they

had to make money and that was more

important than delivering

what they’ve been saying.

So for example the

visual community would love.

So it’s really been a big investment

versus profit investment versus Provident right.

That’s important information. How I

didn’t have health care to

you asking you.

Well I would guess that it’s actually

more important than it has been in

the past because a energy

plan that says to me

it’s on the radar

when you’re asking what usually

forming words that don’t have the answers.


00:15:45,125 –> 00:15:51,250

OK. And I’d like to

see science technology query.

Yes. Yes. The academics the academics

are not free to participate with

culture the way they want to. And that’s

why I’m here to represent the

elite academics in visual art culture

to tell you that now is the time

to lift the restrictions that government

and academia filters out their contribution.

It’s time to end a Yoko Ono

put up her billboard here. Peace is power.

That’s to end war. That’s the government

academic women’s artist revolution

in 1968 to 2019.


And I’m here to tell you that it is

time to end war. So the academics

the intellectual artists can freely

participate and create civil rights

for visual art and recycling for their

art materials so they can live and

breathe freely. You have been heard. Ok.

Theres a lot, I mean there is so much more to it.

So any time you’re ready we’re here

to create civil rights for visual arts, artists and…

And that’s great and it is documented,

but we have really a limited time span.

Wow. Nothing could be more important

to battle artificial intelligence with

(Unintelligible) So you guys are here.

I want to hear from everybody in the room.

The people are actually traveling here

specifically to go to an arts festival

not just people that live here.

A few people (unintelligible)

(unintelligible) but people that actually will

travel here just to see these specific things

I think I read the, I

think it was in your article

that art basil, the majority of people flying,

It was more people flying to that

than going to the super bowl, than fly into the

super system. Thats astounding. Three hundred thousand people.

But there’s no reason why that shouldn’t

be able to happen here. Maybe not

300,000 (unintelligible)

(unintelligible) I think just having had

Sort of the events of that stature

nationally and internationally (unintelligible)

the cultural.



One thing I think would be nice to

be able to travel to Naples is getting

a lot of the national renown arts performing

arts groups to come do sabbaticals

like in the seasonal months so that they

could do a two week master class in October.

Philidelphia symphony or Pittsburg symphony

(unintelligible) I also think some of the really big exhibitions

that go around this country.

It would be huge too. I mean like you

could bring the China show or the

Egypt show or some of those things

that are huge. The blockbusters. Yeah.

back there. I’m going to take you first.

I think part of that too about bringing

people here (unintelligible). One of

the great sources for funding here

is the tourism board. We’ve got lots

of money (unintelligible). The problem is that

You’d be able to guarantee them. The barrier to entry

for that application for that entry is very high.

You’d be able to guarantee overnight stay, generally

multiple overnight stays for your event.

You’re setting the bar so high for a

lot of our groups. We can’t hit that

on the first event. You know I rule

don’t all the resources to get you

know four day long weekend masterclass

intensive retreat.

So that’s how you have to do to get the money from (unintelligible)

(unintelligible) little bit. Give us a table. Well let’s

build, help us build these events.

Right.(unintelligible) went back to the

way it was in the beginning (unintelligible)

You could use some of the funds to advertise

locally as well as right now.

I think you have to go further than Lee county


(unintelligible) hundred

hotel rooms or at least one night.

That’s a tall order especially if you’re

a small group. So but loosening or

Or stair stepping some of the guidelines

to increase the capacity of organizations

to build that kind of momentum. Is that

why I’m going back that I’m hearing

but also the funds actually funds it

it’s almost like it’s built out to

deter people from wanting to achieve.

Well part of the reason they should

be an incentives to help help us bring

those events is groups

To the county. (unintelligible)

There was much more money the way that

they had been set up over the years.

They have continually made much smaller

amounts available to the others

and they’ve used more money to fund

all of the history museums because

history museum should be like they

are every other city. A line item in

the budget they don’t all belong in

the GDC budget that they use that as

their slush fund. So there isn’t the

money available to arts organizations

like there used to be.

OK. There’s an artist money availability

of more exhibition space

that maybe doesn’t cost me a fortune

to apply to do with the possibility

of not so with the jury would be able

to resume work or to be able to have

an exhibit right. Like I had the opportunity


back and a small space and still be

able to get (unintelligible)

one of the larger

There is only so much space

and there’s so many people grandfathered in.

It’s not really fair.

So. Tell me an example of that.

Just Art in the Park, Art shows on 5th.


To be juried into those you’re competing against a

people who are coming around the world that know

that there are a ton of rich people

in Naples (unintelligible)

to sell art to. It pushes local people

out of those shows and into a situation

where the (unintelligible) aren’t such a strict process.

So it’s sort of opening up that tent

and bringing more equity in today.

I don’t know how many festivals there

are like that but I know what you’re

talking about.



(unintelligible) monthly, first Saturday of the

month and is juried

your juried in you’re able to stay as

a participating artist (unintelligible)

If you don’t participate over

a two year period then (unintelligible)

(unintelligible) very expensive. Those are juried.

Those are juried every year. It is possibly


So let me ask you this. I don’t put

words in your mouth. I want to make

sure I’m understanding this when I

translate the notes so there is the

middle ground between that and a farmers market for

there should operate.

There should be a bigger middle ground

so because there’s more individuals. Right. Okay.

I will make sure I’m understanding

and I think the national the people

that come in. It was

mentioned in the south (Unintelligible)



I don’t see so much wrong with that

as to the opportunity for people to

come from other areas of country to

show their work here and show the diverse


Art that be purchased down here.

Decorative Art and then the inclusion

of work that is not simply decorative

and what I refer to. We don’t need

to be discriminatory. I do what

I call selfish labor (Unintelligible)


So it needs to be

educated to the type of work


Yeah So I think I’ve heard this its sort of expanding

the pallet. Yes exactly.

I’m not even allowed to speak or exhibit

my artwork because it’s so radically new.

I had to fight the government

and the culture centers to ensure they talk.

they exclude me because I’m a modernist.

My culture was grown out of existence

for the last 40 years.

So I’d love to be able to

talk and participate sometime. I invented ways

to recycle artists scrap paint tubes.

(Unintelligible) I’d love to

be able to talk.

City of Naples. I mean the county has so many part.

Why couldn’t there be a

only thing and some didn’t work.

You know what some of the other outlying

areas I mean you can’t



Yeah and they were talking about

it even with some of

the ideas that came up about

Artists and artists and markets that

are sort of you know a main Collier

county program. That’s a good

example of it. Like Montana has

made in Montana and that extends into

fine art. (Unintelligible)

plan has been a provision and help

for emerging artists. OK I noticed

Art community here is quite …..

I never I ain’t saying it that way.

It’s a 10 second career for a lot

of people because (Unintelligible)

and they’re not raising children

they’re not putting every penny aside.

It’s not an endeavor in Collier County

for the average. You have to

have your own financial backing.

Theres not a lot of support for emerging artists.

Theres no tax breaks if your renting studio space.

There’s just not a lot of support.

You have be financially stable (Unintelligible)

as opposed to I’m an artists, this is what I do,

this is how I make my living.

Yeah, You just reminded me of the village of the

artists in Bradenton where they had that program Right.

I mean there’s so many emerging

artist programs all over the country


these opportunities


To work out a deal as long as it’s empty anyway.


Being able to program those spaces.

Yeah (Unintelligible)

I’m gonna go ahead and begin to wrap

it up to tell you of the next.

Well I told you the process so November

we come back to draft ideas and we echo

everything we heard back

There is a hand out in my car (Unintelligible)

(Unintelligible) Yeah sorry I was

running late. I didn’t know how far

I was going to have to walk to get

a giant building from the parking lot.

But I knew Kristen would on top of it.

So the handouts the better way

to get this information because you can’t

write down all those teeny little numbers

up there but the survey the community

survey please do share it. Post something

on your Facebook or whatever

social media you’re on that there is

a community survey about arts and culture.

Get the word out. You can go

to the United Arts Council’s Web page and

if you sign on there you can get updates

on the strategic plan and what’s happening

and that’s it.

Facebook Instagram and Twitter are

all the platforms we hope to utilize

to get the word out. Does anyone have

any final questions about this project.

This is a very weird question but

The wine festival, is that considered cultural,

Because that does bring in people

Theres been no discussion about it

Yes and it is considered cultural (Unintelligible)

Yeah, I would consider that. Its

culinary. Yeah for sure.

I have one last statement, when the city

of Fort Myers asked me if I could

establish civil rights for visual art

artists and art history based on

art history. I came up with

a formula and successfully submitted it to

metaphysical academia and the New

York curation for transgender and its

advocacy called Howl Gallery in New

York City. So they’re all thumbs up

on the creating civil rights that’ll

greatly infuse the art community with

knowledge and empowerment.

Thank you for your comment.

You can speak to it if you’d like to.

When you say culture

the United arts and culture and sciences

because there’s major focus on

performing visual arts.

Less less focus on our

focus is is bigger.

Well I think that’s why we’re bigger

in our culture and science and in

terms of thinking about the science

and debate as far as public private

partnerships with government schools

and private individuals and foundations.

What is trying to it’s also growing

your workforce. It’s keeping kids interested

in science throughout. So they go someplace

and do hands on work with your

parents and schools. We’re not growing

our technology workforce here.

We’re not paying attention to it. I mean

STEM is a big deal with schools.

It was a big deal 15 years ago.


well that’s all I have. Thank you.

Thank you for coming and participate.

He wants the original designs out there.

The studio players. I think they came to that

to make sure that they were OK. Yeah

I brought you a little bit

of information about (Unintelligible)

because I don’t live here.

I have no control here so

I’m going. I will pass it on to them.

Its so wild

They recognized me as genius in 2016

and they’re not allowed to publish the grant

The stuff is so…

Its frightening, or they don’t know what to make of it.


I will pass this on for sure.

Okay. Thank you.

Sorry I brought you some more information.

Ok, great.

And I am, not as like a criminal or civil

complaint but I am registering case

Of racist and sexism discrimination against

The United Artist of Collier County.

OK and I may ask why.

Yes for the assertion of new art history

a new form of art painting art history.

They derailed by attempt to assert it.



I’ll talk to later but read the information first.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Thank you.