Out of John’s CAGE:

I am Jade Dellinger, director of the Bob Rauschenberg gallery. I’m thrilled to have you here tonight.

We’re celebrating our John Cage steps and other works from the mountain mountain lake workshop

exhibition kind of closing in a week’s time.

This was the world premiere of a work called Symphony for the hearing impaired which was a tribute

to John Cage done by the celebrated New York artist Ellen McCullum who was sent to us to play this

evening and we have sort of three things on the bill following this.

We are now going to be introducing, I’ll be introducing Emma Nilsson and Emil Schult, herr Schult

to perform a second work that has been composed for us for the U.S. premiere of out of John’s cage.

It’s a participatory work so I hope you’ll feel free to be involved in this as instructions are given.

As you may recall Philip Korner is pioneering Fluxus artist who was the subject of the two person

exhibition here a few years ago was also involved in our Fluxus music exhibition two years ago and

he’s composed for us this new work that Emma and Emil will be performing.

Following that we’re gonna have their performance as trans human art critics; and just so you know

Emma and Emil herr Schult have been working together for the last couple of years.

Emma Nielsen is here from Switzerland. She is very connected both as a musician and to the art world

has been a gallerist; is a classically trained musician.

Herr Schulz is returning here. He had performed here when we made the Dave Muller exhibition

several years ago. Herr Schulz is a visual artist. He also participated in the John Cage exhibition we did

in celebration of his centenary in 2012. And I’d just like to welcome them here. These come from

Germany as well.

Good evening. Definitely a pleasure to be here again. A very great honor to be performing this piece by

Mr. Connor.

To be part of the Fluxus movement It has been my destiny since I was at art school. It’s about 50 years

now I’ve been in connection with Fluxus and this is tonight just one of my culminating experiences. So

we have the honor to do this unique performance by Philip Connor.

I’m going to hold up this and I’m going to shout “Out of John’s cage”

And when I do this, Emma

(Sign reads “CONVERSATE” ‘Converse’)

We’re supposed to talk to you now as part of the performance. We’re glad to participate. And glad to

see you all.

Out of Joan’s cage. (Sign Reads: CONVERSATE ‘converse’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: FISCHIATE ‘whistle’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: APPLAUDITE ‘applaude’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: TOSSITE ‘cough’ )

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: URLATE ‘scream’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: RISATE ‘laugh’)

Now it’s getting more complicated.

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: SALTATE ‘jump’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: GIRATE ‘spin’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: CANTATE ‘sing’)

Out of John’s cage.

(Sign reads: BALLATE ‘dance’)

Out of John’s cage.

What a wonderful audience.

Im so glad we came from Germany and we going to do a little performance to you tonight.

We having a premier video tribute to John Cage and Emma and I have been performing the last

two years.

And we’ve been around the world with our little program Transhuman Art Critics, and hopefully you’ll enjoy. Thank you very much. Thank you.