I think the base was a little bit low. Maybe we’ll take out a little bit bass but I think its ok. We will watch that.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of our performance.

If there’s any comment or question please feel free.

Yes please. Yes, what does NASA have to do with trans human critics. Yes. That’s a big question. Yeah. This is one of them. Go ahead.

No. We use some footage from ESA and also partly NASA. But there are many other companies working on this idea of becoming an interplanetary species.

So it’s the next step I think for humankind and we as trans humans as we call ourselves of course like this idea very much

and we consider ourselves in this context as, already as, enhanced humans. So we’re looking at music and art and culture from that point of view

And trying to find to honor the pioneers in this field as we also did today with John Cage.

But also (Ann Fittings?) and some other artists who appeared but also then which way of course to find new ways of creating culture in the broader sense for all of us in the future.

If that answers your question. I don’t know what else, so.

I was wondering if there is connection with NASA and the voyager recordings?

in to what recordings? The voyager recordings.

Well we didn’t do like a precise connection. We didn’t kind of try to use them, or kind of to,

but in a broader sense of course we do maybe do a similar thing but we, even though our music and our performance is still here on Earth and not traveling out

But in a broader sense of course we like that culture generally speaking is brought to space where we all want to live in a couple of years, so.

I think we need culture in space. Maybe, yeah maybe.

We actually we’re going this step ahead so we can look a little back and realize what’s happening at this time. And before we came here we stayed a day in

Munich and we gave an art talk in Munich and the same kind of questions coming up. What’s happening to our world. What’s happening globally.

What do we have to do. How can we go about solving these problems. And of course it’s we’re living in the Age of Hyper connectivity but one of our pieces while being connected

also means being connected among each other but also being connected this whole earth being connected with the plastic being connected with the water

With the air. And being connected means also to to like it, to like. And what we are doing is we doing

performance of pictures and sound like a sinestesia and the special Effect of sinestesia has always been the feeling of romanticism. And romanticism means like let’s be

romantic with our world, let’s be romantic let’s have a romantic relationship with the cosmos and that’s actually what we’re travelling for and what we’re working for.

And if you like to get one more little piece in In our computer it’s called Artificial Intelligence.

You want to bear with us I’m just going to put it and you can see it. (unintelligible) . So I just going too start it and we come back and see it here.

Yes we’re going to say a little bit about the artificial intelligence. Of course this word just popping up in recent months everywhere world wide.

But in 1979 it’s the first time I got in contact with artificial intelligence. I was at the artificial intelligence center in Stanford and people started talking

about well what’s going to happen.

Are we gonna be able to make a human digital. Are we going to be able to program a whole person into this digital field to this sphere?

Since 1982 I wrote the first song called artificial intelligence. And I’ve been being with, bearing with the scene for 40 years now and what you will see is

like a collection of little pictures and items and film clips I made during this time concerned with artificial intelligence. Let’s not to mix up artificial intelligence and humans.

It’s two different things.

People are not data, we are not data, we are something else. We are liquid. We are waves. We live in a universe of

Fine waves. And if it goes well it swings together and it amplifies. If it goes bad it goes against each other and then destroys it.

So people believe artificial intelligence will do something especially, for they are afraid of giving into, especially in Europe.

People are afraid to give their data. And China has different people know they’re transparent and the data is not the person that data is something else.

So artificial intelligence is trying to shed a little light on this. just enjoy the (unintelligible).